Over the next few months, CTC will be upgrading phone and internet equipment in the Bear Creek Subdivision. This upgrade will increase the maximum internet speed available in the neighborhood to 1 GB.


What Are We Doing and How Will it Benefit Bear Creek?

Better Equipment

We are upgrading the Optical Network Unit (ONU) device which is where the fiber enters the home.

More Reliable Calling

We are switching to a new home phone platform resulting in more reliable calls.

Faster Speeds

A combination of new fiber and better equipment brings the maximum speed to 1 GB!

New Fiber Layout

We are replacing outdated fiber lines and reorganizing traffic paths to handle faster speeds.


If You Are Already a CTC Customer

Please call 208-229-1000 or fill out the form below to make sure your contact info is up-to-date. We will need to contact you when it is time to schedule the equipment upgrade on your home. This equipment upgrade is free of charge and is necessary to avoid an interruption in your internet service.

More Details:

  1. The equipment upgrade will allow each customer the opportunity to upgrade to our 1 GB plan if desired (Your service will not automatically move to the new 1 GB plan).
  2. The upgrade will include the replacement of the ONU (Optical Network Unit) in the garage, as well as the replacement of some fiber at "the vault" (or cabinet), all at our expense.
  3.  The update/upgrade is not optional, we will have to upgrade the equipment whether or not you choose to upgrade speeds.
  4. The upgrade appointments will take approximately a half hour or less for each home, require garage access, must be done during business hours, and must be done a small group of homes at a time (between 4 to 10 homes). Each group of homes whose fiber all terminates at the same vault will be done at the same time, in a systematic order, across the entire subdivision.
  5. For logistical reasons listed in #4, we're unable to schedule each individual home one at a time.

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