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Is Your Internet Connection Disney Plus Ready?

We’re sure you know that most of us have an insatiable appetite for streaming entertainment services. From Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube, it seems like each new week more and more content is delivered into our homes. Another new streaming service is coming later this month that we expect to be a big […]

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Google Stadia: Is Your Home Network Ready?

Gaming is about to be changed forever, and it could hurt your internet connection if your home network isn’t ready. On November 19th, Google will launch its subscription-based cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Gone are the days of downloading games and making sure your device or PC can support that game. With Google’s Stadia, gamers will […]

Understanding Internet Connection Speeds

When you order your home Internet package from your service provider, you usually have several plans available to you. Speed is often the most important factor since a faster Internet connection will improve your overall online experience. The challenge is that the fastest Internet speeds are typically the most expensive. That’s why it’s essential to […]

What is the Average Internet Speed in Idaho?

Idaho is one of the fast-growing states in the US. While that may intrigue or anger residents, its a reality nonetheless. While the population begins to swell, one area of growth seems to lack the same development in some regions of Idaho. We are talking about Internet and Broadband services. According to BroadbandNow, Idaho ranks […]

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Why It’s Crucial To Have Fiber Internet for Gaming Online

Gamers need quick decision making and fast internet speeds to be successful in the online arena. Using fiber internet for gaming gives you an extra advantadge over your virtual opponents. It’s fast, it’s consistent and is becoming increasingly more affordable. Let’s take a deeper dive into why gamers benefit from a fiber internet connection. Fiber […]

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need to Stream TV and Movies?

You sit down on your couch at the end of a long day to watch a movie on Netflix that you have been dying to see. You’ve got snacks, a cozy blanket, and the remote. You are ready to rock and roll. You turn on the smart TV and fire up Netflix only to have […]

Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Professional gaming and online videogames, in general, have boomed in popularity these past few years. A hobby that was once deemed by some groups of parents as a “waste of time” is now a legitimate career path. eSport Athletes can make millions of dollars winning League of Legends Tournaments and gaining sponsorships from brands like […]

Top 5 Boise Internet Radio Stations to Stream

As Boise grows and all of our commutes become just a little bit longer, what we listen to in our car becomes a crucial part of our driving routines. Luckily, Idaho is blessed with some great local radio stations to keep you updated on traffic, weather, and happenings around town. But in this age of […]

Teens and Social Media

It’s a busy world with a tremendous amount of noise. Your work, kids, and pets are always pulling you in unexpected directions leaving you exhausted and praying for the weekend by Tuesday. It’s no different for teenagers. School and homework provide constant challenges that can leave them mentally fatigued. The escape route for stressed-out young […]