Heron River Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Family Trivia Night At Heron River

Join us in Heron River for pizza, pop & prizes at the 3rd Annual Cabin Fever Trivia Night! Form a team that will make your rivals tremble in fear. Let’s see if you have what it takes to dominate in this free family-friendly trivia game. When: Wednesday, February 12th Time: 6PM – 8PM Where: Heron […]

disney plus

Is Your Internet Connection Disney Plus Ready?

We’re sure you know that most of us have an insatiable appetite for streaming entertainment services. From Netflix to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube, it seems like each new week more and more content is delivered into our homes. Another new streaming service is coming later this month that we expect to be a big […]

father and son playing stadia

Google Stadia: Is Your Home Network Ready?

Gaming is about to be changed forever, and it could hurt your internet connection if your home network isn’t ready. On November 19th, Google will launch its subscription-based cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Gone are the days of downloading games and making sure your device or PC can support that game. With Google’s Stadia, gamers will […]

dual-band wifi routers

Understanding dual-band WiFi routers

The latest WiFi routers are faster and more versatile than ever, offering many powerful new features. One important feature makes it possible for the router to send data over two different radio frequencies or “bands”: the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz band. Routers that use both bands are called dual-band WiFi routers. To […]

Home Netwrok

Modem? Router? Gateway? Making sense of your home networking equipment

Most of the time, you don’t need to know anything about how the water gets into your home—you just turn on the tap. And you don’t need to be an electrician to use your refrigerator; you just plug it in and you’re all set. With your home Internet service, it should be the same way. […]

Make sure your router is up to date!

Having WiFi Problems? It might be time for a new router!

If you’re like most people, you connect to the Internet at home using a WiFi connection. Since most of your devices—whether they’re smartphones, tablets, or laptops—are designed to be used wirelessly, the only way to get online with them is by connecting them to the device that provides the WiFi signal in your home. This […]

Mesh Wifi

WiFi boosters, repeaters, extenders & Mesh WiFi: What’s the difference?

With more and more connected devices and constant online activity in our homes, we all want to get the fastest, most reliable WiFi possible. Unfortunately, in some homes, especially larger ones or those that use certain building materials, some spots can be hard to reach. When you try to connect your laptop or other devices […]

How to Check Your Internet Speeds Using a Speed Test

Do you feel like you’re not getting the speeds you are paying for from your Internet Provider?  To see how your bandwidth is performing in real-time, you can run a simple test that will measure the download speed, upload speed, ping time, and jitter of your internet connection. How does a speed test work? A […]

CTC Brings Fiber Internet to Meridian, ID

Only 16.8% of Idahoans have access to fiber-optic internet, but if you live in Meridian, your chances are a lot higher thanks to CTC. CTC proudly provides fiber internet in Meridian, ID and serves seven subdivisions in area with plans to expand to several more communities over the next few years. In 2016, CTC acquired […]

internet speed

Why am I not getting my full internet speed?

It would be an understatement to say that the internet is an essential part of our lives. So, understandably, it is frustrating when our internet speeds seem slower than usual. Internet providers can’t always guarantee you are receiving the maximum speed of your plan.  Bandwidth speeds vary based on a large variety of circumstances. Your […]