Google Stadia: Is Your Home Network Ready?

father and son playing stadia

Gaming is about to be changed forever, and it could hurt your internet connection if your home network isn’t ready. On November 19th, Google will launch its subscription-based cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Gone are the days of downloading games and making sure your device or PC can support that game. With Google’s Stadia, gamers will no longer have to download videogames or purchase consoles. They will use their mobile phone, tablet, computer, Chromecast, and a broadband connection to stream the games of their choice, similar to how Netflix works.

Stadia requires 35 Mbps of bandwidth for the optimal experience. For those customers with plans under the recommended internet plan, you will need an upgrade to play the games.

Even customers with plans above 35 Mbps download speeds may need to think about upgrading their home network. The Stadia will consume a large amount of bandwidth, so if you want to watch Hulu while your kids play games downstairs, you’re going to need a decent amount of bandwidth for both apps to run simultaneously.

If you ask any gamer, they will tell you speed is essential, but reducing latency is just as critical. Click here to learn more about the importance of using a local fiber provider for online gaming.

Microsoft is also not far behind Google with launch its cloud-based game system. Cloud gaming is the beginning of a revolution for more convenient access to videogames in the home. This trend is going to require higher internet speeds, better routers, and new WiFi technology.

If you have any networking questions call CTC to discuss how we can help you ensure you have an internet connection ready for the next level of gaming technology.