Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Professional gaming and online videogames, in general, have boomed in popularity these past few years. A hobby that was once deemed by some groups of parents as a “waste of time” is now a legitimate career path. eSport Athletes can make millions of dollars winning League of Legends Tournaments and gaining sponsorships from brands like Intel and even Coca-Cola. Not only are eSports selling out arenas, but platforms like Twitch enable people to watch their favorite gamers dominate the competition in games like Overwatch and Rocket League. Boise State embraced this growth in 2017, by officially sanctioning an eSports team for undergraduate and graduate students. In the groups inaugural year the Broncos finished among the top five Hearthstone teams in the U.S.

With the increase of online gaming from professional and casual gamers, comes a higher demand for a better internet connection. Here is what to look for when choosing the right internet provider for gaming in Boise.


Reliability is key. You don’t want your connection dropping as you are just about to capture a tactical point in Call of Duty. Fiber Optics is immune to many of the conditions that cable and copper internet are susceptible to, making it the most reliable form of internet transport.

No Data Caps

Downloading games and streaming videos on Twitch can eat up a lot of data. If your internet provider has a cap on the amount of data you can use in a single month, your bill will get very expensive as you exceed those limits. Having unlimited data will become more critical as technology advances. Google’s upcoming game streaming service, Stadia, is a great example. Google says that users who stream games at 720p, 1080p, or full 4K will eat through bandwidth at a rate of 4.5 GB, 9 GB, or 15.75 GB per hour, respectively.

Download Speeds

Waiting for a new game to be released requires a lot of patience. But there is nothing more frustrating than waiting all year for a it to come out, then trying to download a game such as Red Dead Redemption 2, which is a whopping 105GB on PS4 and having to wait an additional 25 hours for it to download on a 10mb connection. We’d recommend going with a Boise internet provider whose speeds can reach up to 1 GB. At 1 GB speeds that the previous download would take less than 15 minutes.

Latency, Ping Times and Packet Loss

Speed is king when it comes to online gaming. You need to be able to think faster, move faster, and click faster than your opponent. However, none of that will matter if your internet doesn’t react as quickly as you do. If you have ever played an online game, you have probably witnessed a character moving in front of you then suddenly vanishing, only to reappear somewhere else on the map. This disappearing act is caused by high latency, the amount of time in milliseconds it takes for data to travel between two locations. High latency makes it virtually impossible to win a match regardless of the game your playing. Using a local Boise internet provider for your gaming needs will lower the distance data has to travel thus reducing lag.

Who is CTC?

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