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Google Stadia: Is Your Home Network Ready?

Gaming is about to be changed forever, and it could hurt your internet connection if your home network isn’t ready. On November 19th, Google will launch its subscription-based cloud gaming platform, Stadia. Gone are the days of downloading games and making sure your device or PC can support that game. With Google’s Stadia, gamers will […]

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Why It’s Crucial To Have Fiber Internet for Gaming Online

Gamers need quick decision making and fast internet speeds to be successful in the online arena. Using fiber internet for gaming gives you an extra advantadge over your virtual opponents. It’s fast, it’s consistent and is becoming increasingly more affordable. Let’s take a deeper dive into why gamers benefit from a fiber internet connection. Fiber […]

Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Choosing The Right Internet Provider for Gaming in Boise

Professional gaming and online videogames, in general, have boomed in popularity these past few years. A hobby that was once deemed by some groups of parents as a “waste of time” is now a legitimate career path. eSport Athletes can make millions of dollars winning League of Legends Tournaments and gaining sponsorships from brands like […]