Why It’s Crucial To Have Fiber Internet for Gaming Online

Fiber Internet for Gaming

Gamers need quick decision making and fast internet speeds to be successful in the online arena. Using fiber internet for gaming gives you an extra advantadge over your virtual opponents. It’s fast, it’s consistent and is becoming increasingly more affordable. Let’s take a deeper dive into why gamers benefit from a fiber internet connection.

Fiber is Faster

As the world becomes more dependent on staying connected to the web, the demand for faster internet has skyrocketed. DSL and cable could not deliver the speeds needed over long distances, thus came the rise of fiber to the home. Gamers rejoiced in the new ability to reach lightning fast speeds like 1 GB. Here are a few reasons speed is essential when gaming online.

Downloading Games

It’s far easier to download games compared to buying physical discs that can get lost or scratched or “borrowed” by a friend who never returns it. In an article written by PC Gamer it mentions that in 2013, downloaded games accounted for over 90 percent of sales in the industry. But this cloud-based convenience is only available if you have a fast internet connection. Currently, there is no form of internet transport faster than fiber. The average game download is around 50 GB. Over a 1 GB fiber connection, you could have a new game ready to play in just 7 minutes compared to a 10MB connection which would take 12 hours.


Whether you’re watching your favorite gamer play Fortnite or you’re broadcasting your League of Legends match on Twitch, your going to want a smooth, buffer-free experience. Streaming requires more bandwidth than a typical online gaming session. You also have to factor in upload speeds if you’re planning to broadcast your abilities. Unlike DSL or copper connections, fiber can offer a fast symmetrical download and upload speeds as high as 1000 Mbps.

Loading Times

Videogames are continually improving on the graphics. 4k monitors and VR headsets allow you to get lost in a virtual world. But nothing will ruin the illusion faster than having to wait for everything in the environment to load. Faster internet speeds mean faster loading of textures and other properties in Open World Games and MMORPGs. Using fiber internet for gaming allows you to experience the game the way the creators intended.

Higher-Quality Connection

Fiber is now King of the Castle. Its the latest and greatest in wired connections. Fiber does not have the same weaknesses as copper-based tech. Internet providers who have leveled up to fiber had to invest in a newer infrastructure resulting in a more reliable network. To get the most out of your connection make sure to ask your internet provider if their fiber goes directly to your home. Some cable carriers these days have a fiber optic backbone, but use the copper for their ‘last mile solution,’ which is the cable that reaches your residence. A true ‘fiber internet connection’ means the fiber goes all the way to your house.

Lower Latency and Less Packet Loss

There is nothing more detrimental to an online players game than “lag,” otherwise known as packet loss. The loss of data can be extremely frustrating in a first-person shooter like Call of Duty. You have your opponent in your sights, then all of a sudden the game skips a beat, and you’re the one having to re-spawn. The slow response of the game is caused by low latency, which is how quickly the information can get from your computer or console to the server and back. Fiber travels at the speed of light, making it the fastest connection from Point A to Point B, thus drastically reducing latency and packet loss.

If you want to experience the glory of defeating your online opponents you are going to want to use fiber internet for gaming. CTC, located in Boise, Idaho, has been serving Idaho with Phone and Internet since 1905. We’ve kept at the forefront of technology to continually bring our customers the best service possible. Since then, telecommunications has changed tremendously, and so has CTC. But through the years, one thing has not changed: our dedication to friendly, personal customer service provided by an Idaho company, and staffed by Idaho residents who always answer your call. We offer a true fiber-to-the-home solution for flawless high-speed internet service that reaches up to 1 GB.  Check us out!

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